p>We have exceptional experience in the supply of event security services and event safety personnel to some of the UK’s most popular outdoor events.

Our focus is always on preparing and scheduling each deployment for every eventuality and pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly to changing requirements.

Event Security Staff

We have been working in the event industry for over 5 years and provide licensed experienced staff. These services include, and certainly not limited to: –

  • Event security
  • Event traffic marshals
  • Event car parking staff
  • Security supervisors
  • Event cleaning
  • Event staff
  • Event access control
  • Valet parking

We supply our event security guards with whatever you require including two-way radios and professional uniforms with Hi-Vis vest.

We can also provide experienced supervisors for large events and will manage the staff onsite and deliver briefings.


Security Guard & Canine Security


We can offer security guards for static manned sites and will tailor our service for your specific requirements. We’ll supply fully trained Security officersto protect your property, staff and valuable assets.

  • Manned Guarding – this protects your property against damage, destruction, unlawful conduct and unauthorised access.
  • Static Guarding – this is used to prevent flood damage, fire damage, accidents and various other offences.
  • Night Guarding – this is to mostly used to protect premises when there is no one about in the evening and weekends when your building is at is most vulnerable – Hiring night watchmen is a great deterrent.
  • Canine Security Services and Patrol & Detection Dogs – we provide dog & handler teams for a variety of security requirements. This can vary from static sites, open areas and events, venues and festivals.

CCTV Monitoring

Our CCTV monitoring service is designed for sites that:

  • Are high risk, requiring multi-layered security
  • Cover a wide geographical area
  • Are in remote locations
  • Are unattended for extended periods of time

Ourlicensed guards, experienced in many surveillance systems, always carry out CCTV Security Monitoring.

They conduct regular building site health checks in order to keep each location performing at its optimum level. They respond to any CCTV alarms as they occur, tracking intruders, issuing audio warnings and calling upon our response partners or The Police as required. Full incident reports are produced and sent to site managers within 24 hours, with all details being available in real time and historically through our web portal.


Retail Security


With our dedicated operations team just the touch of a button away and ready to give support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our retail clients have confidence that we always have their security needs covered.

Our commitment to customer service ensures each security officer is rigorouslychosen for every job and uniformed to represent the style, culture, and environment of your retail business. They’ll act as part of your teamproviding a visual security presence anda customer service representative too.

Corporate security

We have worked with companies across a variety of sectors delivering personalised solutions that consider each client’s unique requirements. Our strong focus on customer service has contributed to our exceptional reputation for exceeding expectations.

Our security team provides front of house supervision and protection with a difference. Our corporate security officers are selected for each client. Our officers act as the initial point of contact for your visitors and employees.Our front of house staff are flexible and display a ‘can do’ attitude at all times to ensure we meet our client’s needs.


Hotel and Leisure Security


We provide a dedicated service for the hotel and leisure industry and can tailor our services to your exact needs and create a safe and comfortable environment for your staff and customers.

Protecting guests against assault or injuries, responding to unlawful conduct, and guarding against damage, theft and unauthorised access to premises are all skills our officers are extensively trained well equipped to handle, which could arise within a hotel and leisure setting.

Our team ensure that your customers and guests feel comfortable throughout by acting as additional points of contact on the floor in public areas.
We are equipped with a wide range of expertise securing all kinds of exhibitions, conferences and trade shows which often take place in hotels, we offer a range of security solutions and options in this case.

Construction Site Security

Our security guards are placed on-site for insurance purposes and the assets of the client. Our highly-trained security guards make sure whilst on site, that the site is safe and secure.

Construction security guards do continuous foot patrols internally and externally of the site. Paying attention to tools is a very important part in the construction industry, even though our security guards have received training to work on-site, they also receive additional training according to the site.

  • Managingcontractor’s entry and exits;
  • Monitor staff and visitors’ access
  • Delivery handling
  • Mobile patrols
  • Theft and vandalism deterrent
  • Internal and external patrols
  • Traffic control

Mobile Security Patrols


Our security staff are trained to respond to a wide range of security situations, so if any suspicious or criminal activity does occur you can guarantee a rapid and effective response.

A uniformed patrol unit monitoring a general area is more effective than a stationary, permanent security guard.Mobile security patrols can move around your premises to ensure order and report any suspicious behaviour. This might be particularly relevant out of hours, ensuring that there are trained eyes at your premises throughout the night.

  • Regular patrol visits are vital especially out of hours and during seasonal shutdowns.
  • Security deterrent but can’t afford a full-time security guard
  • There have been break-ins and want a regular security presence.

We understand that each client is unique and requires a specific requirement, this is especially important with mobile patrols, we’ll tailor a team to suit our needs.

Concierge Security

From offices and universities to hotels and apartment blocks, concierge security guards are key to making guests, staff and residents feel safe and welcome. As both a first contact and first line of defence, you need to make sure that your concierge security service is provided by a security company that you can trust.

All of our operatives have additional experience or qualifications in customer service on top of their SIA licence.


Hostel Security


To safeguard the security of hostels by controlling access into the buildings and monitoring and managing risks to residents. Our operatives monitor and report/record entries of residents & visitors, health and safety issues, risks, repairs and any breaches of security.

They conduct remote security check using CCTV & audio systems to ensure that the person seeking entry is a resident, or authorised visitor of the hostel. They will also have the responsibility for maintaining a full and accurate log of events and reporting on incidents and any maintenance issues.

We provide Commercial and Industrial cleaning services.

We are a provider of industrial, commercial and specialist deep cleaning services across London.

We are specialists in providing high-quality services that suit the needs of a range of clients. From industrial cleans such as factories and warehouse operations to decontamination and cleaning of on commercial sites, our team of highly-qualified technicians ready to assist you.

  • Factory cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Construction site cleaning
  • High-level cleaning, including lighting
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Machine de-greasing
  • De-greasing and cleaning floors
  • Window cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Domestic Cleaning
  • Drain cleaning

Please call our 24 hr Cleaning division on 07384 722754.