h2>Safety and Security measures at public events.

Given the delicacy and the numerous incidents that have occurred in recent years, a series of aspects have been defined to protect people during the preparation and conduct of public events. These definitions are of fundamental importance for identifying the best operational procedures for safeguarding public safety and security; These aspects have been defined:

Safety- that is preventive security measures, relating to devices and structural measures to safeguard the safety of people;
Security- that is the public order and safety services to be implemented in the field.


We have just mentioned the prevention and protection measures to be implemented within public events. But let’s see which aspects need to be evaluated to ensure that an event is sufficiently safe for all participants:

  • The evaluation of the maximum sustainable crowding. In this regard, security services must guarantee and monitor access.
  • Separate access and outflow routes which are maintained by events security.
  • Emergency plans with a clear indication of escape routes and orderly removal.
  • The subdivision of critical areas into sectors, due to excessive crowding, with central and perimeter corridors.
  • The availability of professional security and safety personnel able to manage and monitor crowds in the event of an evacuation, and assist the public.
  • The provision of spaces reserved for parking and manoeuvring of emergency vehicles and accessory services.
  • Any sound or visual broadcasting system with repeated notices indicatingto the public the escape routes and the behaviours to be implemented in case of criticality
  • Any bans on the administration and sale of alcohol and/or spirits and other beverages in glass bottles and cans.


By security, we mean the measures more directly aimed at public order protection, which we can specifically summarise in the general prevention and management of the event:

  • Preparation and execution of an effective public order system accompanied by information notices.
  • Carrying out punctual inspections and checks aimed at controlling the activities connected with the event by mobile and static security operatives.
  • Wide-ranging mobile surveillance and observation services, to detect and restrict signs of danger or threat, with particular reference to the phases of inflow and outflow of the population.
  • frequent and accurate inspections of all areas carried out by specialised security personnel, with the aid of specialised communication equipment.
  • Maintaining a high and constant level of attention to ensure the highest levels of safety.

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What Is A Private Security Service andWhat Does It Offer?

One of the things that worry home or business owners most is the fear of theft and property violation. Episodes of home intrusion or inside establishments are commonplace. This is why it is increasingly important to equip your property and business with adequate measures that help prevent these problems.

The most common methods are the installation of burglar alarms or video surveillance systems (CCTV), electronic bollards that can discourage any malicious attacks.

A statistically more effective solution, however, is to request a private security service that uses trained personnel in uniform for the patrol and management of commercial and/or private property.

How does private security work in detail? And what benefits does it offer compared to traditional methods? Let’s find out…

How a private security service works

The task of private security is to attend a pre-established area by carrying out different activities based on the customer’s needs. This is done by conducting one or more consultations to provide a bespoke security plan.

The uniformed staff goes to the site and covers multiple tasks such as providing a security presence at entrances and exits, patrolling the premises, monitor surveillance, reception duties, perimeter reconnaissance to verify that the alarm is activated and accesses closed, and so on.

Many security companies have trained staff to intervene in case of first aid or fire alarms. This security service is called unarmed (or passive) because the guard does not have any defence weapon: it is up to you to promptly notify the police in charge, without going on the offensive in any other way.

The advantages of private security

Contacting a specialised security agency for the provision of private security services (guardian, concierge, surveillance, canine and event personnel and so on) allows you to effectively protect domestic or corporate movable and immovable property.

Having a person in uniform available 24 hours a day or during the night offers an added guarantee that electronic devices cannot offer. A watchful eye trained to intervene is a far stronger deterrent to theft, robbery or intrusion. This is why more and more companies and private individuals are turning to surveillance and security agencies specialised in maintaining security.

A private security service also has the advantage of protecting property in periods in which the properties are more exposed to criminals: For example, summer periods in which houses are left unattended for many weeks, or inside construction sites, where equipment and materials remain exposed for several months and at risk of theft.

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